SafeMirror Gym Mirrors... the mirror of choice for your safety!

The shatter-proof mirrors are best-suited home gyms, commercial gyms, dance studios, fitness centers, yoga studios, exercise rooms – anywhere safety and clarity are your priority. Our beautiful frameless wall mounted gym mirrors are the mirror of choice for your safety.

Safety Mirror

Safety Mirror

The Superior Quality of SafeMirror Gym Mirrors:

  • SAFE: Safety mirrors that don't break into dangerous shards.
  • CLEAR: Low-iron mirrors offer superior clarity without a green tint or distortion of lower-quality mirrors.
  • FAST: Locally fabricated and processed and can be delivered in a very short period of time.

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Mirror Specifications:

Gym Mirrors for Your Business

SafeMirror gym mirrors are a great choice for your business – whether you own a gym, dance studio, or any fitness space.

Here are a few types of businesses where SafeMIrror gym mirrors can be used:

  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Dance & Ballet studios
  • Martial arts studios
  • Spas & Saloons
  • Yoga studios

Large Mirrors for Your Home Gym

If you're a dancer, yogi, or gymnast looking to check your form; if you're a weightlifter looking to refine your lift; or if you're a dancer looking to check out your sweet moves, our high-quality large gym mirrors are perfect for you. Your home gym or workout room will benefit from SafeMirror. You can place the gym mirrors side-by-side to create a commercial gym feeling in your basement, garage or other space.

No matter which room in your house, we can help you figure out how many mirrors you need and how to install them in the right configuration for your home gym. Our large-scale mirrors come in any sizes to fit your needs. The more you buy, the bigger your discount on home gym mirrors!

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SafeMirror Gym Mirrors Vs. Glassless Mirrors

Many people are concerned about safety when they're creating their home gym or studio. Here are some fast facts about our SafeMirror Gym Mirrors vs. glassless mirrors:

  • SafeMirror gym mirrors are made of real, low-iron glass. This means they are the clearest mirror you can get.
  • Glassless mirrors are not as clear (because they are not made of real glass) and if installed on an uneven surface, the reflection will be distorted.
  • While both types of mirrors are resistant to shattering, our gym mirrors are real glass mirrors, so you'll get superior clarity – without distortion -- along with the safety you require.

Dance Studio Mirrors

Are you wondering how to make a home dance studio in any of your room? Or maybe you have an idea for a yoga studio in your sunroom (Hola!) SafeMirror gym mirrors are perfect for creating a zen-like space for you to work out or get down! Their low-iron composition means they are super clear, and will look great whether you have a disco-ball or candles going. Superior safety means if your fitness activities ever get out of hand, you won't have a dangerous situation on your hands.