We design, fabricate and install bespoken staircase, handrail and balustrades


Our recurring customers base include contractors, architects & interior designers.


We are well known for highly reliable products and qualified technical team.


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Bullseye specializes in staircase from single spine to floating staircase, spiral to stringer board staircase using modern state-of-art stainless steel & powder coated steel materials.

Side fixed Clear toughed glass staircase w/ SS standoff & side SS top rail

Frameless Side fixed Clear toughed glass staircase w/ SS standoff & wall mounted SS handrail

10MM Clear toughed glass w/ Stainless Steel posts on floor & top wooden railing.


Bullseye manufacturers wide range of modern and bespoken stainless steel & timber handrail to any size, design and in various styles and finishes for both residential and commercial markets.

SS posts and top rail w/ 10MM Clear toughened Glass Handrail

Stainless Steel handrail w/ SS meshrabia design w/ 10MM Clear tempered glass

316L Grade Stainless Steel handrail w/ 10MM Clear tempered glass panels


Our bustrades come in a range of styles, both with or without a stainless steel handrail. All balustrades are toughened glass and laminated glass on demand ensuring high safety standards.

SS posts w/ 10MM toughened Clear Glass Balustrade

10MM Clear toughened side fixed Standoff balustrade w/ SS handrail

Frameless 13.52MM Clear toughened laminated balustrade